It's been a year!

17 October 2016

It's been a year

A year of Through Darkness in Daylight. A year that has turned into six months of blogging madness and obsession. In the time of researching and writing, I've learned a great deal about blogging, myself and depression and some of your stories too which I'm so grateful for.

I am an addict. And I didn't know.

8 July 2016

I am an addict. And I didn't know.

A few weeks ago I posted a post about control and at the end of the article I introduced my very first experiment, and I bet that you can't wait to find out how it went.

The experiment was simple – interrupt my thought stream, whenever I notice I'm lost in it, by saying 'I don't know'.

Why letting go of control feels like dying but can save your life

15 May 2016

Why letting go of control feels like dying but can save your life

Control is a fundamental part of life.

Our body is an exquisite mechanism. Our lungs expand, our heart is beating, the digestive system is feeding our body, all the organs are working in a symphony to create an orchestra of a living being.

10 things to avoid while recovering from depression [+ free printable worksheet]

10 April 2016

I'm still depressed more than I'd like to admit. The small stressors of life can easily swallow me up, and the depressed side of me is fast to react.

I repeatedly stop doing the very things that can help me, and I end up doing the things that perpetuate and worsen my symptoms.

In the grip of the ocean

23 March 2016

In the grip of the ocean

You were not born like this. You were not born short of breath, terrified and overwhelmed.

You were not born with the thoughts of self-loathing and with your achy heart throbbing in the confining cage you've locked yourself into.

58 potential triggers of depression [+ printable checklist]

4 March 2016

Flower-Aaron Burden

Depression is crippling and pervasive and according to Professor Robert Sapolsky, it is the worst most damaging disease you can experience.

The major problem with understanding and treating depression is its complexity.