Mental health resources

This is a growing list to check for all sorts of useful information. Reviews of books and techniques, links to helplines, links to useful videos or sites, that helped me or that I found interesting. It may seem overwhelming at first, do take your time and if you have any suggestions or interesting websites, books or other information to share, share them by commenting below.

Disclaimer: I'm not a health care professional. Please, read the resources as an addition to rather than replacement of your professional health care. If you struggle with depression or other mental health problems it's imperative that you contact a health care provider.


US Helplines
US Suicide Hotline 1-800-784-2433

International Helplines
International Suicide Hotlines
Together we are strong Tumblr Hotline list


Test yourself What's my M3
Psychology Today Depression Test

Documentaries and other videos on Youtube
Robert Sapolsky's lecture
One of the best videos that explains the complexity of  depression.

The truth about depression, BBC Documentary 2013

Kevin Briggs: The bridge between suicide and life
Treading WaterDepression: The Misunderstood Epidemic

Depression, the Secret We Share | Andrew Solomon | TED Talks Kevin Breel: Confessions of a Depressed Comic at TEDxKids
Being Ida - Viewers discretion advised (For the last eight years, Ida - a young Norwegian woman struggling with borderline personality disorder - has kept a video diary)

Storied Mind - John started blogging about his lifelong experience with depression in 2007 at Storied Mind. Psych Central and has chosen the site as a Top Ten depression blog.
The Adversity Within - Tim Lawrence's profound and beautiful writings. "The Adversity Within is, above all, a safe space to enter into your pain in a spirit of grace and acceptance. "
Wing of Madness - Depression Information, News and Support Since 1995
Depression Army - a growing and dynamic international movement that's calling for change in how society deals with depression.
Psych Central - one of the best online mental health resources
Time to Change - England's biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.
Bipolar Burble Blog - Natasha Tracy shares experiences, thoughts and research on topics of mental illness in the hopes of introducing facts and rationality into polarizing and emotional subject matter.
The Sunny Shadow - Beautiful blog written by Krista-lee-Pfeiffer that educates & helps eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness. 
Dropping Keys - a community sharing mental illness, substance abuse, fostering and adopting stories and experinces
This Is My Brave - community of advocates dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness by sharing true personal stories through poetry, essay and song.

Lifestyle medicine for depression

Additional resources
Reddit user TwoXChromosomes' list 
Advanced Recovery Systems

Test yourself
Psychology Today Anxiety Test
Calm Clinic Anxiety Test

OCD & Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology


emotional intelligence
EQI - I frequently visit this website and learn about all aspects of EI, not just validation
Suncrest counseling - Building Emotional Safety – Learning to Validate Feelings
Tina Gilberston - Validation


Emotionally Focused Therapy - Invest or check Sue Johnson's books for exercises to do with your spouse

List of feelings
EQI - extensive list
The Center of Nonviolent Communication - List of Feelings and Needs Inventory

Managing feelings
Tina Gilberston - How to manage anger

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Love Sense by Dr. Sue Johnson
This book is an amazing source of insights into relationships and the science behind them. I am sure that you have heard of attachment styles and that's exactly what Dr. Johnson explains into detail in this book. Personally this book has come in the right time in my life. Struggling with depression has put an immense stress on my relationships esp. the romantic one. Getting to learn the science and unhealthy patterns, that we often experience in our relationships, has helped tremendously. The book is a lot of fun, especially if you like your information being backed up by scientific studies. On top of all of that Dr. Johnson offers experiments, which you can try in your own life and discover new information about yourself and the dance between your partner and you.

Daring Greatly by Brenne Brown
After watching all Brenne's Ted Talks and interviews, I had to get this book. Needless to say that after reading it I didn't quite grasp the idea. It was like learning about shutter speed and aperture in photography. When the lecture is finished, you think you completely get it, however when you suppose to apply the knowledge you get it all confused. The concept is right there in front of you, but no actual practical guide how to apply it, which left me a little frustrated after reading this book. Now after reading Love Sense, I think that I will have a better understanding of where Brenne is coming from. I am definitely going to reread it. 

Titles to review:

The Mindful Way Through Depression by M. Williams, J. Teasdale, Z. Segal, and Jon Kabat-Zinn
The Beast by Tracy Thompson
What to Do When Someone You Love is Depressed by Mitch Golant
The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon
Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan
Waking up by Sam Harris
The high price of materialism by Tim Kasser
Give and take by Adam Grant
Drive by Daniel H. Pink
Man's search for meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich
Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis
Mastery by Robert Greene
Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn
How to Know What isn't So by Thomas Gilovich
10% Happier by Dan Harris
Your Brain at Work by David Rock
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer
Stop Being Lonely by Kira Asatryan
Handbook of Emotion Regulation by James J. Gross
Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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The best advice to get to move is to find the exercise that you enjoy. No matter what it is, there must be something. Are you a team player or a solo kind of person? Are you ready to go out or you prefer the inside of your home? Exercise can be a wide variety of things from walking a dog to rock climbing, horse riding, dancing, geocaching etc. Just keep it fun and tailored to your needs.

It was the very first exercise that I started to do. It brought a lot of fun even though sometimes I lacked motivation.

Beachbody's T25
Discovering Shaun T was one of the best things in my life. I love him. He is friendly, but also incredibly motivating and if you haven't heard somebody say that they're proud of you for a long time get his workouts. Can't do it you say, well his workouts have a modified version that has less impact. In my opinion, this workout and Insanity Max 30 can be done by everyone. It's all about you challenging yourself, you can do as little as possible or push as hard as you can.

Insanity Max 30
I love this workout. It's pretty demanding, though, I get very tired at the end of the week. Everything that I said above about T25 still applies here.

Fitness Blender
An endless list of videos to shape every possible muscle in your body. Simple instructions and enormous dedication from Daniel and Kelli.

Yoga is incredibly relaxing and rewarding for the body as well as the mind. Don't override your body's resources and find what feels best for you. If you feel ready to leave the insides of your home, find local yoga classes and join in and if you are not, don't despair and find Yoga with Adriene.

Yoga with Adriene
The best channel on youtube to learn and practice yoga hands down. Adriene may as well be the sweetest person in the world. She gives guidance and motivation through each video so effortlessly it always uplifts me.

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What is mindfulness - Jon Kabat-Zinn explains what mindfulness means
Daniel Amen Ted Talk - how applying brain imaging science to clinical psychiatric practice works
Willoughby Britton - Why A Neuroscientist Would Study Meditation
Nour Foundation - Becoming Conscious: The Science of Mindfulness
Shauna Shapiro: How Mindfulness Cultivates Compassion
Investigating Healthy Minds

Meditation Practice
The best way to start a meditation practice is to practice for very short periods of time each day. No longer than 2 minutes and slowly build up to 5 minutes and so forth. If you are new to meditation do a guided meditation first for few times until you are confident and you understand what it is all about. The internet provides us with a vast resource of free guided meditations, find the ones that you feel comfortable with or get an app on your mobile device.

A healthy diet is one of those things, just like exercise, that we have a control over and the benefits on our mental and physical health are too good to ignore. If you search anything about vitamins you will find that most vitamin deficiency symptoms are linked with depression, the best way to know what your body is missing is to do a blood test. You also find that taking one vitamin with another improves its absorption. Underneath is a short list of things to avoid or supplement.
No coffee, no alcohol, no sugars - I love coffee, but it makes me crazy, it worsens my sleep and makes me irritable, with alcohol it's easy because it makes me sick, leaving sugars out is damn hard and sometimes I sin and it's okay as soon as I get back on track

Drink water - I often forget to drink enough water. It is important, though. Dehydration causes tiredness, headaches and dizziness. I notice that my focus is better when I drink enough and I feel more alive.

Magnesium - deficiency is linked with depression but be careful not to over supplement. This one also helps absorb vitamin D better.

Omega-3 fatty acid - the list of benefits of omega 3 is long and there is a reason why we were forced to take it as kids. It also helps with depression and low moods.

L - tyrosine - although L-tyrosine isn't scientifically proofed to alleviate depression, it is linked with improving focus and that's good enough for me since focus is a real problem when suffering from depression

Vitamin D - It is quite alarming how spread vitamin D deficiency is, I supplement mainly in winter months but it depends where you live and how much sun your skin gets exposed to.

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daily routine
Mood tracker
Optimism Online - the one that I use, I like that I can track a lot of things including diet
Mood Panda
Mood Tracker

Day planner
Depression Worksheets - when I am really bad I do my worksheets, an activity planner and a scale of enjoyment of the activity
Bullet Journal - I jot down everything that needs to be done for the day and set up weekly goals

Journal - Everyday before bed I write down the things that happened especially the good things and also make a grateful note

Coming soon

Everyday Feminism
Coursera - Find  a course that you'll enjoy and get your motivation back. Two of my fav courses so far were Learning How to Learn and A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment 
Another great course Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach

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  1. Iva, a really good list of resources. Well done and thank you! Tony

  2. Thank you so much for all these resources. Will definitely be adding them to my blog, Creating My Odyssey!